Quickie Fest: The One Minute Movie Festival
QUICKIE FEST: The One Minute Movie Festival is the hottest one minute movie festival in NYC. (And probably the only one!) Quickie Fest is produced by and hosted by Anna Roisman and Mike Muntner. We are thrilled to announce that Quickie Fest 7 will be held at the SVA Theater in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday June 29th at 7pm. Movies screened at Quickie Fest are 60 seconds or less and will be showcased on the big screen in front of a 266 seat house!

Judging the festival are 2 groups: The Special Jury and The Audience. Our 'Special Jury' is a panel of professionals working in the entertainment industry. Cash prizes will be awarded to The Special Jury Winner, The Audience Winner, and more! What can you make? Literally anything that tells a story in a minute; whether it's a music video, a silent film, a comedy, a drama, a horror, or something else we haven't even thought of yet! This is our 7th Festival in an all new venue (for us!) and we know it will be the best one yet!


To compete in Quickie Fest, creators pay the submission fee and fill out the form provided. We ask that you show us something that you've made before that shows us your style but your actual Quickie Fest video does not need to be submitted until you are accepted into the festival!!! So, what are the producers looking for? Well made short movies. Movies that are funny. Movies that are surprising. Movies that have good sound (Sandy Kenyon agrees). Movies that aren't sketches filmed on a stage. If accepted, creators will have about 6 weeks to create their project and submit it through a form provided by the producers for the Quickie Fest deadline. The producers review all applications, and can't stress enough that it's important to send something to showcase your ability to create. The bar has been raised in the past 6 festivals, so check out our website to see some of the best Quickie Films of the past!

*This fee helps cover the costs of the festival, the theater, and the prizes! Remember, submissions do not guarantee a place in the festival, but will support the arts!*


-Submissions are OPEN now until Friday May 3rd at midnight. Creators will be notified either way by May 15th.
-Upon submitting this application you must pay the fee or your application will not be considered complete. You'll receive a confirmation that takes you to the PayPal.
**Instructions for paypal: Just click "Send Money Now" at the bottom. DO NOT click the box to pay for a "good" or "service."**

If you are accepted to the festival, you will be emailed instructions and a google form on how to submit your video. Final videos will be due by SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd, at 11:59pm! Do not email us files! Thanks.

If accepted, Single creators will receive 1 ticket for themselves to the festival. Groups will receive 2 tickets for themselves to the festival. If your group has more than 2 members, the rest of the group will have to purchase tickets to the festival. (There will be a discount price!) If you do not complete your movie in time, you will forfeit your ticket(s) to the show.
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