Dubbed fondly “The Chart” after the plot device on The L Word, character Alice Pieszecki uses a graph to track the interconnected relationships of the lesbian community. It begins as a whiteboard, becomes an online network, & a NPR talk show within the show. Utilizing this mechanism, we seek to find our through lines to each other via queerness and art.

During a road trip this summer, A. Klass and A. Gentalen found themselves informally traveling the Chart through Instagram while driving from Chicago to Oakland. We saw the joy of what it meant to be seen by others in towns and cities across the country, through drive through windows and gas station pit stops.

On site at Ralph Arnold Gallery, Klass will be photographing queer artists and art-laborers while Gentalen will complete short interviews to be compiled for web & print. We consider this a very large umbrella & if you want to participate, we want to see you! It is the goal of these projects to connect us to further collaborate together and make it possible for us to build opportunities & joy for our community, adjacent to the one we are required to exist within.

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