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External Pages is an online exhibition space, presenting digital projects inspired by anti-capitalist and xenofeminist thought. Every other month, we showcase an artist or collective who push the potential of viewing art on our browsers. External Pages exists on the outskirts of the Internet, where bottom-up approaches to public art can be explored.

The exhibitions we host experiment with web development to question the placement of internet art in galleries, cheat curatorial hierarchies and look at how websites can be appropriated as an emancipatory technology.

For proposals, we suggest considering current internet infrastructures and social impacts, in dialogue with 90s cyberfeminist net art (i.e VNS Matrix, Shu Lea Cheang, etc), highlighting the shifting contexts between then and now. Keywords include: petition forms, biased algorithms, online dating, admin reveals and gamification.

We welcome proposals that ambitiously engage with the focus of External Pages. While applicants with coding experience are preferred, this exhibition may be an opportunity for artists with little to no coding skills to realise a project in a digital format as we do offer technical support. Successful applicants will receive a fee of Β£100 for submitting their proposal, after which further payment will be discussed depending on the project's timeline.

To submit, please fill out the form below. Due to the volume of applications, we aren’t always able to reply to every submission.

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