Maine's Fisheries Support the Pine Tree Amendment
LD 489 Language: The people of the State have the right to a clean and healthy environment and to the preservation of the natural, cultural and healthful qualities of the environment. The State may not infringe upon these rights. The State shall conserve, protect and maintain the State’s natural resources, including, but not limited to, its air, water, land and ecosystems for the benefit of all the people, including generations yet to come.

Dear Representatives of the Maine State Legislature,

As commercial fishermen, lobstermen, and individual  aquaculturists, we urge you to vote in favor of the Pine Tree  Amendment. Our work makes us acutely aware of our connection  to the natural world around us and how dependent we are on  sustaining a healthy and productive environment. Many of us live in  small towns or islands where our fisheries provide the bulk of  employment and drive the local economy. Maintaining the natural  resources we rely on, as well as our access to them, are of prime  importance to us.
Over the years we have taken many steps to protect and manage  our own industry, creating a heritage of conservation. This is just a  part of our culture which we hope might still be passed on to future  generations. Lately we have realized that managing our fisheries is  no longer simple and within our control. We find ourselves affected  by top down policies on climate, energy, species protection, and  even trade regulations. Decisions seem to be made well in advance  of our having any input.
We believe that the Pine Tree Amendment is an important strategy  for giving us a more powerful voice for protecting not only the  ecosystems we rely on, but our way of life here along the coast.  Please help us continue doing the work we love in an environment  we cherish. We ask you to vote in favor of the Pine Tree  Amendment.

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