Sustainable Social Enterprise Resilience Lab Fellowship Application
Since 2016, UVA has offered a Global Field Experience in Dominica each spring; but in the aftermath of Maria, a Category 5 hurricane which devastated the island’s productive sector and infrastructure on September 18, 2017, we have a unique opportunity and a responsibility to do more. Under the leadership of Professor Bevin Etienne, student fellows began researching how the small island developing state of Dominica could become climate resilient through sustainable agriculture and energy solutions, and how these enterprises could build economic opportunity by equipping residents with the tools they need to supply the tourism industry with locally grown food.

Fellows in the Sustainable Social Enterprise Resilience Lab will continue this research into the intersection of food, energy and water resources, and how innovative solutions can increase the resiliency of the island. Prototypes in hydroponic agriculture solutions will be one of the focus areas of the research and data collection.

These fellowship positions are unpaid for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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Project Descriptions:
The 2018 – 2019 Dominica fellowship primarily covers subject areas of business / entrepreneurship, engineering and environmental sciences. Below is a brief description of project outlines for each of these subject areas:

Business / entrepreneurship:
1) B2B solutions
I) Herbal teas: detailed financial analysis; supply chain strategy (from Dominica to pre-identified export
II) Essential oils: detailed financial analysis; export markets strategy; supply chain strategy (from Dominica to
export markets)
2) Toloma
I) Supply chain strategy: export markets; duties
II)Detailed financial analysis: costs covering production, management and exports; projected revenue
III)Sustainable packaging: consumer labels; brand development

Herbal teas: modern production techniques involving renewable energy
Essential oils: improved distillation process to minimalize waste water run off
Data management: efficient collection and storage methods

Environmental sciences:
Organic farming practices and environmental impact

Which project are you interested in researching? Information on each sector can be accessed here.
What makes you interested in that specific research area? Please describe any previous experience you may have in that area.
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