Bloom: The Festival of Awakening Performer Audition Application
Hi performers!! We are so excited to have you auditioning for this year's event! This year is going to be a bit different from last year, as we are trying to expand into a 2-day festival. We will be offering workshops during the day time, on top of our regular shows. This year we will have the event on July 27-28.

This year's audition process will be a little more intricate than last year. This is no longer just an application, it is an audition. This means, the video link you submit to us needs to be the choreography you plan to use at Bloom. This can be a practice video, but it serves to help us learn more about what you're doing so we know where to place you within the show. Thank you, as always, for supporting our communities and being a large part of what brings this city (state, and country) together, in one space, to celebrate all forms of artistry! <3

**Please limit your performance time to 4 minutes**

****DEADLINE**** Please have this submission in by April 30, so that we can set up the shows accordingly! Thank you!

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The concept this year is "The Awakening"- this can be interpreted as something like an art renaissance or an enlightening of sorts. You choose how you want to represent the awakening. =-)
Link to video (can be a practice vid) of the piece you wish to submit to perform this year. *
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We will likely have a two day event, again this year. Please help us place you to our best abilities!
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