Wheatland Dog Center Puppy Questionnaire
Hello! We're so happy that you're considering a Wheatland Puppy. This Questionnaire is designed to help us understand you and your families wants and needs to make sure your future puppy fits in perfectly. This form is long and somewhat tedious, but please understand that we have yours, and our puppies, best interest in mind. Thank you so much!
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What is your name?
What is your home address?
What is your primary phone number?
What is your e-mail?
What is your preferred way that we contact you?
How did you hear about us? If you were referred, please include their name so we can thank them!
Please describe who currently lives in your household. Include names, relation, and occupation of any adults. Please list gender and ages of any children.
Please describe your desired timeline in adding a puppy to the family. Are you looking to purchase a puppy immediately? Are you willing to go on a waiting list for a future litter?
Please describe your current pets. Include type of pet, breed, age, if they are intact or fixed, who they were acquired from, and any other details you would like to add.
Please list your previous pets, where they were purchased from, and what happened to them.
Have you ever owned an Australian Shepherd?
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What has drawn you to owning an Australian Shepherd now? Please be as specific as possible.
I breed AKC Standard Aussies, they should be 18-23" tall at the withers, and 40-65lbs at maturity. Will this size be a problem for you?
Do you have a gender preference?
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Our Australian Shepherd puppies may be black tri, red tri, blue Merle, or red merle.  Do you have a color preference?
Please describe how envision your puppy fitting in with your family. Be as descriptive as possible and include activities you plan to include them in, places you will take them regularly, and if you plan to take any specialized training classes or compete in events such as nose work, agility, trick training, obedience, conformation, herding, etc.
We select the puppies for each family, since we know our pups better than anyone else. If two equally suitable puppies are available, then we allow the puppies and you to choose each other. How do you feel about this? Again - this does not mean you have no say in the matter, we work together. The more you communicate with us, the better. Whilst of course we accommodate your preferences where possible, are you willing to consider our advice on the most suitable puppy for your household and lifestyle, even if that conflicts with your ideal?
Have you ever previously bred a litter of puppies? If so, please provide details.
Are you considering breeding this puppy in the future?
What does a typical weekday look like in your home? Please describe your routine.
What does a typical Saturday look like in your home? Please describe your routine.
Will a particular family member be the primary caregiver of this puppy? If so, who?
Do you plan to crate train this puppy?
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Do you plan to attend a puppy kindergarten class, or other form of beginner obedience class with this puppy in the first 6 months? If yes, please include any details on where you intend to enroll.
Please describe your property. Fenced in yard, acreage, walking paths throughout neighborhood, etc.
Where do you plan to keep the puppy when nobody is home?
Where do you plan to have the puppy sleep at night?
While Australian Shepherds are incredible companions, it is common for them to develop vices and bad habits during adolescence, sometimes even with very responsible of owners. Some examples that come to mind would be excessive barking while outside, breaking out of yards, reactivity while on leash, etc. - If your puppy developed any of these types of issues, how would you address it?
Would you agree to give us right of first refusal should you be unable/unwilling to keep the dog? (This means that if, at ANY time during the life of the dog, you can't keep your dog, send it back to us and we'll keep it until we find it a good home. We don't want any of our 'babies' ending up in shelters or inferior homes!)
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You will be required to spay or neuter your puppy no EARLIER than 18 months of age to allow for full development before removing vital sexual hormones, will this be a problem for you?
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Do you have any information you'd like to add that we haven't asked about?
Do you have any questions for me? I try to set aside time each day to follow up on questionnaires, but occasionally I do miss one. Please reach out if you don't hear back within 3 days!
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