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Please complete the form below and click SUBMIT below to submit the form to Rey. If this service is for a sale on an existing sales order, enter the sales order number in the sales order number field below.
Service Cost Summary
- Service Inspection - $100 (automatically included with ALL service requests, Inspection fee covers the cost of Rey heading to the service site and inspecting the work, and includes 1 hour of labor)

- Installing Casement Sash (1-5) - $150 per sash

- Installing Casement Sash (6>) - $100 per sash

- Window Glass Replacement - $100 per piece of glass

- Rotted Sill Repair - $75.00 per sill

- Door Panel Replacement - $200 per panel

- Door Glass Replacement - $150 per glass piece

- Weather Strip Replacement - $80 per unit having weatherstrip replaced

- ALL OTHER MISCELLANEOUS LABOR - $75 per hour for every hour after the initial inspection service

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*Remember: If charging customer, salesperson responsible for informing customer of service rates. $100 for an initial inspection (including 1 hour of labor) is always required, and the rates are posted above depending on the work to be done. Rey is expected to collect all payments onsite BEFORE starting service work, so if this is going to be covered under our warranty, you MUST have an SO number entered in the next field. If you need assistance with this, please work with somebody at the office. Thank you.
Previous SO# (for warranty work)
For the service to be no charge to the customer, you *MUST* enter the SO# of the item being service, and it must be within one year of the service request date. If you don't know this information, please reach out to Laura Julkowski at the office.
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