*** Signup for Your Best Board Prep ***            Odyssey Certifying (Oral) Board Preparation 2022-2023 exams:
    Please choose your course and fill in your contact information.  Dr. Argy will respond by phone and/or email. You will be able to submit tuition after you have the chance to speak with him to answer any questions.  Your information is kept strictly confidential.

         ***  Historical note: As of 21 April 2020, the ABS had cancelled the April and June exams in Philadelphia, affecting a total of about 500 candidates. As of Friday, 1 May, the ABS offered a lottery for two pilot studies of Video Teleconferencing exams of 24 and 50 candidates. The exam dates for the academic year 2020-2021 were listed in-person in Philadelphia, (but the location had to remain adaptable in light of the coronavirus pandemic.) The cancellation of the written exam by the ABS in July 2020 due to errors in the ABS's examination platform further complicated how the oral exam would be conducted in the 2020-2021 exam period.***
         *** As of 30 July 2020, the ABS had moved at least some of the exams in the 2020-2021 academic year to a Video Teleconference format. Given the ongoing increase in covid-19 across the US, I believed it would be unlikely that exam will be in person through summer of 2021.  ***
         *** As of 19 August 2020, the ABS had released dates for exams in the 2020-2021 academic year (normally released in early June each year) but was not allowing candidates to sign up for exams.  The only candidates eligible for the exams were approximately 200 who failed in 2019-2020 in-person exam periods, or the 500 who were cancelled from the April and June 2020 periods.  The failure of the ABS to conduct the written exam in July 2020 left another 1,300 surgeons waiting without a working exam solution or exam date, and also unable to move forward with the oral exam.   ***
          *** ~ 1September 2020, the ABS indicated it would allow candidates to sign up for oral exams in the 2020-2021 academic year (historically, exam dates for the next academic year were released in early June.) Candidates who tried to take the canceled written exam in July 2020 were allowed to take the Certifying Exam first and take the written exam in April 2021 at an in-person testing center.  ***

    End of August 2021, exam dates were released for the next exams in October 2021 and March 2022, as 6 days each of VIRTUAL exams.  (A significant difference with the historical five exams lasting three days each, putting candidates at higher risk of failing because of examiner fatigue.)
     1 September 2021   There are significant negative implications for candidates associated with the change in the exam from 5 exam periods lasting three days each and ending in the afternoon, to two exam periods lasting 6 days each and ending in the evening.  Call Dr. Argy for details.
    April 2022   The ABS released the dates for the virtual November 2022 exam. and changed to two exam periods lasting three days each, on Wed-Thu-Fri and Mon-Tue-Wed.
     I will dynamically update this page with new course dates and new formats. (Updated 16 June 2022.)
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