Digital Data Questionnaire
This is a survey on the use of digital platforms for hosting and disseminating archaeological data and opinions regarding this subject. Responses are anonymous, and the completion and submission of this survey acts as permission to use this data in research and publication.
Please select your education level.
Please enter your approximate number of years in professional archaeology.
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Please select your current or previous (if retired, etc.) employment.
Do you currently use an online service for the dissemination or hosting of archaeological data (such as Open Context, TDAR, etc.)?
If yes, do you pay for these services?
What is your opinion on the price of these services?
Are you willing to pay for these services?
Do you feel archaeologists have a responsibility to share data in a public format?
Who should provide the funds to digitally host archaeological data?
What information do you think should be shared online with access restrictions?
What information do you think should be shared online without access restrictions?
What information should never be hosted online?
Should data standards be adopted in archaeology for comparative purposes and ease of use?
Please enter any additional opinions or comments you are willing to share regarding this topic.
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