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Do you currently have a spiritual practice? What sort? How do you want learning to hunt to fit into that spiritual practice? *
Do you have any fears, concerns, or misgivings about enrolling in this program? Please share so we can address them and make sure this will be a good fit for you. *
What is your relationship with eating meat and killing animals for food? *
Do you have any background in shooting sports or hunting? (No experience is required, we just want to know where you're starting from) *
This program can be physically demanding. Do you have any physical concerns about participating the program? What kind of support would you need to participate safely? *
This program can be emotionally and spiritual intense. Please let us know if you have seen a therapist or been hospitalized for psychological reasons in the last two years (this is not necessarily a disqualifier, we just want to be aware of where people are at). What kind of support would you need to participate safely? *
Do you have reliable transportation to Worcester, VT for weekend classes? If you need carpooling or other support, please describe your needs below. *
Do you have any questions about paying for the program? The tuition is $2500 for the year. How can we make this accessible for you? *
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