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Because the need is great and almost all of our regular volunteers are 70 years or older, we are searching for volunteers to help pack and distribute food at our Outreach Center. Due to the coronavirus emergency policies, there are age and the number of volunteer restrictions.

We are looking for both Individuals and families to volunteer. Family units may volunteer together, we just ask that youth members are at last 14 years old and the adults are not over 60 years old.

Due to the type of work, it is important that you have been and continue to practice responsible social distancing. If you have traveled outside of the country or state in the last two weeks or are in a situation that you includes coming into frequent contact with others, we ask that you not volunteer at our Outreach Center at this time. We want to offer the highest level of protection. Anyone that volunteers will be required to follow specific safety protocols.

Because of the nature of this situation, our needs are ongoing and constantly changing. You may not hear from us right away. We will be matching groups and individuals with jobs as they arise and our needs will extends out for several weeks. If you have any questions please feel free to email Katie Byers at outreach@sasphs.net.

Thank you and God bless!
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