Full Spiritual Exercises: 30-day Retreat Application 2021
Use this form for the Online, Individually Guided Retreat 27th June to 27th July 2021
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If you have, can you tell us when and where?
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If you are undergoing treatment from a psychiatrist or psychotherapist can we ask for a reference?
We ask if a 30-day, silent, retreat would be good for you. Please give us their name and address?
Do you believe you have the physical, psychological and spiritual stamina to sustain a demanding 30-day programme in silence?
Where do you plan to do the retreat? Home, holiday rental etc.
Will your retreat location offer space for prayer, access to the internet for Zoom and the opportunity for silence?
Reference Person 1
Can you give contact details (with email address) of a person who knows you well and who knows what a 30-day retreat entails.
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Can you give name and contact details (with email address) of a person who knows you well.
Some information about your Life, Vocation, Prayer, Spiritual Exercises
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LIFE: Include what you consider significant: faith/life experience at home, education, religion, relationships, events illness, bereavements etc. *
VOCATION: Do you have a sense of God calling you to a way of life? Are you happy in your vocation? *
How is God calling you now?
PRAYER: Describe how you pray. Say what it is you do and find meaningful. *
Indicate any growth in prayer, any pattern of prayer, any inner/outer experience of relationship with God.
SPIRITUAL EXERCISES: Please say how you came to decide to make the Full Spiritual Exercises. *
Why do you want to make them? How do you feel about 30-days of intense prayer?
If you are a Religious Sister, Brother or Priest or Diocesan Priest
We ask you to obtain a letter of support from your religious superior or Bishop.
Please note the completion of this form does not guarantee a place on this retreat.
Denomination / Church Tradition
This is for statistical analysis purposes only, and to help us plan resources
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