Request for art image submissions for Clark Park Fest's poster and tee shirts
Calling all artists! Clark Park Music & Arts Festival invites you to participate in our first annual poster art competition! One winning artwork will be chosen to be used to promote the 2018 Clark Park Music & Arts Festival. Submissions will be judged on April 16th and selected artist will be compensated $50 for use of their artwork to use. This opportunity will also provide free exposure for the winning artist through Clark Park Music and Art Festival’s website and social media. Artists must be able to provide a minimum x dpi digital copy of the image if their work is chosen. Artwork with low resolution will not be considered.

In addition to compensation Artist will be featured in our newsletter feature when we unveil the design, and space in the Gallery and/or vendor table where they can sell additional art. Examples of past Clark Park Music and Art Festival posters can be found at:
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