Vista Acres Pool Party
Important Information:
**Make checks payable to Vista Acres Pool.

**Party guests must obey all posted rules.

**Pool member MUST be present for the entire party!

**Member is responsible for the conduct of the party guests during the party.

**Please give a one-week notice of party dates so we can schedule extra lifeguards if needed.
Throw a Pool Party on our Terrace during Pool Hours
**Only pool members may rent the terrace

**Member must be present at all times during function

**Rental fee of $25 and $3.00 per non-member guest (during party only)

**All Fees are due in advance

**The terrace may only be rented for a 2-hour time slot

**Members and their guests must follow all pool rules and regulations
After Hours Pool Rental Policy
**Only pool members may rent the pool after hours

**Member must be present at all times during the function

**At least two (2) guards must be on duty. More may be required depending on number of guests

**Rental fee is $100 for 2 hours $50 per additional hour and must be paid in advance

**Member is responsible for lifeguard’s wages: $10 per hour per lifeguard

**Rental hours are after closing with a 2 hour minimum

**Member and guests are responsible for all clean-up and must leave pool gate by 10:00 pm

**Pool rules and regulations must be followed at all times

*Member is responsible for any damage to pool and/or surrounding area

**Larger parties may have an extra fee
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