E-Safety and Technology Use Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to complete these questions; it will take approximately 5 - 10 minutes. All feedback in this questionnaire is anonymous. The data gathered will help us to make informed choices about where to make changes in our current e-safety provision and to target areas specific to our school community. If there is further information relating to specific events or persistent issues you would like to discuss or share that are NOT mentioned in this form, please contact Leo.Spowage@Nettleham-Junior.Lincs.sch.uk.
How old are the children living in your home: (tick all appropriate responses)
Which of the following devices are used in your home? (tick all appropriate responses)
Does your child have their own mobile phone or tablet?
Does your child have access to a desktop computer or laptop?
What does your child make use of the internet for? (tick all appropriate responses)
Does your child have their own e-mail address?
Do you make active use of parental controls/restrictions on your devices?
Would you know how to stop your child from accessing a website if you thought it was inappropriate?
Are your personal devices (computer, laptop, phone, tablet, games console, etc.) locked using a password?
Do you use secure passwords on your personal devices (computer, laptop, phone, tablet, games console, etc.)? A secure password contains a mix of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols.
Are you aware of your child’s passwords that they use to access their devices, social media, email or online platforms?
On an average WEEKDAY, how long does your child spend using an internet enabled device (phone, tablet, smart TV, games console, etc.)?
During the WEEKEND, on an average day, how long does your child spend using an internet enabled device (phone, tablet, smart TV, games console, etc.)?
Which statement best describes the level of supervision given to your child when using the internet at home (on a computer, tablet, smartphone, games console etc.)?
Do you feel you have a good knowledge of your child’s online activity and online presence?
Do you ever discuss online safety with your child?
Does your child use social media or messaging platforms? If so, please tick those being used below:
How confident are you that if your child was concerned about something they had seen or been told online, that they would report it to you?
If you were made aware that your child was concerned about something online, how confident would you be addressing the problem.
Which of the following potential resolutions have you used in the past or would you feel confident doing to resolve an incident online (such as online harassment) involving your child:
The following is a small list of e-safety risks/terms. If asked by your child, would you be able to explain clearly what they are? (Please be aware not all of these will be covered in our school curriculum) *
A bit
Online harassment
Cyber bullying
Identity theft
Image enhancement / Photoshopping
The PEGI age rating is used to control the sale of games and act as a recommended age for computer games sold in Europe. How is this used in your home?
Some games/apps allow for in-app purchases to be made. Do you allow this to happen?
Are you aware that all social media platforms, and email clients, have a minimum age requirement to use them? If so, are you able to name them?
Tick if you agree with any of the following statements:
Has this questionnaire identified any areas you would like to know more about or what other areas of e-safety concern you?
Your answer
Are you aware of any websites or resources you can use to learn more about e-safety?
What areas do you feel it would be positive to cover in our e-safety curriculum in school?
Your answer
Would you attend an e-safety event if hosted by the school?
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