Register your Bee City Kawartha Lakes POLLINATOR PATHWAY
This project will provide a snapshot of what CKL residents are doing to create pollinator habitat. Personal information and address will remain private. You will be asked about the size of your patch, what you’re growing and if you are providing nesting sites and/or water. To thank you for contributing to our pollinator habitat you will receive a certificate and a weather-resistant sign designating your patch as part of the Bee City Community.

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Please estimate the number of native plants per square metre in your Pollinator garden/patch. (Depending on the species and size of the plants, densities of 2-10 plants per square metre are probably the most effective.) Please estimate the percentage of plants that are native to Central Ontario. Native Plants% Exotic Plants %
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Photo by Sue Chan
Are you providing nesting opportunites?
Photo by Susan Blayney
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Maintaining productive pollinator habitats requires a plan. Please indicate which actions you have taken (or will take) to maintain your Pollinator Paradise (check all that apply):
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