Anthrocon 2018 Lost-and-Found report
We want everyone to have happy memories of Anthrocon, and the last thing we like to hear is that someone's memories were spoiled by having lost something precious. If you find that you are missing something, let us know using this form. If we find it, we will tell you right away and will mail it out to you free of charge (for international attendees or attendees whose lost items are particularly bulky, we may need to talk).

NOTE 1: Badges will be returned without their clips or holers. That adds extra bulk that makes an envelope non-machinable.

NOTE 2: Items of clothing that are not claimed by October 31, 2018, will be donated to a worthy charity. All other items will be placed into storage after that date; any claims that are submitted afterward may need to wait until Anthrocon 2019.

NOTE 3: Character badges that we have found are pictured here. We have already emailed those whose badges we could identify. If you do not see your badge here, check your email (and your spam filter); if there is nothing, we are very sorry, but the badge was not turned in to us.

These badges were turned in at AC2018
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