Patient Experience Survey
The Peterborough Family Health Team would like to know more about your experience as a patient of our health care team. We will be using your feedback to improve the quality of our services and make changes that we hope will exceed your expectations. Thank-you for your time.
What is the name of your provider? *
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Rate the ease with which you were able to contact the office by telephone.
Rate the courteousness and helpfulness of the person who scheduled your appointment.
The last time you were sick or were concerned you had a health problem, how many days did it take from when you first tried to see your doctor or nurse practitioner to when you actually SAW him/her or someone else in the clinic?
How would you rate the length of time between when you wanted to be seen and the appointment time offered?
The last time when you needed medical care in the evening, on a weekend, or on a public holiday, how easy was it to get care without going to the emergency department?
When you see your doctor or nurse practitioner, how often do they or someone else in the office …
Give you an opportunity to ask questions about recommended treatment?
Involve you as much as you want to be in the decisions about your care and treatment?
Spend enough time with you?
Treat you with courtesy and respect?
Rate your overall experience with our office/clinic.
Thinking of your overall experience with our office/clinic ...
What are two things done particularly well?
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What are two things that could be improved?
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