Hawkwood's Seed Festival - Audience Survey
Thank you for being part of Seed Festival at Hawkwood.

Each year we work hard to fundraise for the festival. If we can better understand our audiences, this helps us to secure funding, which in turn helps ensure the future of the festival.

To thank you for your time completing the survey, provide your email address at the end and you’ll be entered into a prize draw for 2 tickets to the Hawkwood's Seed Festival 19-21 July 2019.

Entries close at 1st February 2019
For T&C go to http://www.seedfestival.co.uk/tc-comp/

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1. Which of the following best applies to your current situation? *
2. In your workplace, who makes the decisions about the products and suppliers you choose? *
3. In your home or at your workplace, which of the following have you considered? (tick all that apply) *
4. Which of the following best applies to you? *
5. Thinking about clothing, which of the following statements apply to you (tick all that apply) *
6. Please provide the first half of your postcode, to show us where our Festival attendees travel from (e.g. GL6) *
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