Clarity Questionnaire
Answer the following questions as best you can.
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Your website or portfolio
What three words best describe you?
What three words best describe your business (or what words you would use to describe your ideal freelance writing business)?
What is your client’s intended emotional response to your brand/you?
Where/how are you currently selling yourself to potential clients?
How would you like to sell yourself to potential clients?
Who is your ideal client? Please describe this client in detail.
Why should a client choose to do business with you instead of a competitor? What makes you unique?
List five descriptive words that define the values you'd like to convey about your service.
Do you have a niche? What is it? Do you need help discovering your niche?
What are your personal strengths?
What are your personal weaknesses?
What are your professional strengths?
What are your (you guessed it) professional weaknesses?
If you could accomplish only one thing by the end of our time together, what would that be?
What about me made my services appealing to you?
Is there anything else you think I should know or would like to share with me?
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