Congressional Effectiveness
Review the charts below and answer the questions associated with each chart. The questions deal with the public’s perception of the effectiveness of congress. The data was compiled and graphed by Gallup.
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Chart 1: Historical Congressional Job Approval Rating
1. Describe the general shape of the graph above. *
2. What types of things would cause people’s perceptions of the congressional effectiveness to go up and down (Two reasons it would go up, two reasons it would go down) *
3. Come up with a theory for the major spike of congressional approval in late 2001. *
Chart 2: Historical Trends of Trust
1. Analyze the graph and explain the general trend between 1973 and 2017. *
2. What are two things that congress might do that would decrease the people’s trust and confidence in the congress? Two things that would increase? *
3. Where would your views fit onto this graph? Explain why you rated congress how you did. *
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