Competition Application Form - Section 1
There are three sections in this form: Section 1 - basic information; Section 2 - about sustainability; Section 3 - about your position(s) in the competition.
Applications are processed on a rolling bases. Once all 16 available spots for a continent/region are filled, the applications will be closed.
In order for your application to be considered, please provide true and accurate information.
Have you attended an info session in April? *
Your Name *
Your Birth Date *
What grade are you in? *
Select other if you are currently not enrolled in any school.
Your School, College, University, or Organization *
Use a name that can be found on Google Map. If it cannot be found on Google Map, put "cannot be found on Google Map."
Your Primary Email Address *
Your Physical Address *
Where do you live? Please include your street address, city, state or province, and country. In case we need to mail you physical items, please make sure that you provide full and accurate address.
Do you use WhatsApp? What is your number? *
If you do, provide your number with area code. If you don't use WhatsApp, put "No WhatsApp" below.
Name of a parent or guardian *
For applicants who are older than 18, put "Applicant is an adult."
Parent or Guardian's Email Address *
Unless you are an adult, your parent or guardian will be contacted when a decision is made about your application. Please make sure that the email address you enter is accurate. Delayed communication may result in denied application. Put "Applicant is an adult" if you are older than 18.
Will you be able to dedicate 20 hours during the training week (July 19 to July 24) and 8 hours per week during the research period (July 26 to November 12)? *
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