Congregational Census - May 2018

Welcome to First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto’s Congregational Census. Thank you for taking the time to review these questions. We invite you to respond to the extent that you are able and feel comfortable. You may decline to answer any individual questions and still submit your census response.

All responses will be received anonymously – we will not be able to associate answers with an individual. If you do wish to make a personally identified comment or ask a question about this census, please email Reverend Lynn Harrison, Minister of Community Engagement, at

Why a census and why now?

Ministerial and lay leaders at First are entrusted with caring for and leading a congregation to the best of their abilities. To do this well – that is, to provide ministry in a way that suits the current and diverse spiritual needs of the congregation and to lead in a direction that reflects our collective spirit – we need an up-to-date and reasonably thorough awareness of who constitutes the congregation.

We would like to understand how, when and why people attend, their demographic context, their religious perspectives, and some elements of their life experience. Our congregation as a whole will benefit from a clearer picture of who we are. This census will provide a more accurate way to appreciate the diversity of perspectives and experiences within our community, so that we all are less likely to make outdated or inaccurate assumptions.

It has been many years since First Unitarian gathered this kind of information about the congregation. Leaders find themselves striving for an accurate understanding of what needs there are to be met and what is likely to encourage deeper engagement. As we aim for greater relevance to our members and our world, and as we prepare for all of the transition factors related to our plan to relocate, we need to be confident that we understand who we are and how and why we commit to this community.

The census includes three sections (Demographics, Involvement, Perspectives). It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you for all that you do.

First Unitarian Toronto Ministry and Executive Team
Shawn, Lynn, Susan and Karen

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