Do you like to host scrumptious dinner parties or take friends on a hike? Do you have a skill you’d like to teach, like teaching grandparents how to use Instagram? How about providing a service like a ride to the airport or babysitting so a couple parents can get the night off? Or, do you have a special item you would like to donate (a piece of art, a basket of goodies)?


Fill out the application below no later than May 9, 2019.
If you prefer, you may pickup a printed application in the core area and mail to UUFSD, PO Box 201, Solana Beach, CA 92075 or hand it in between and after services

These are some ideas for events and services you can offer for our Great Stuff Silent Auction:

• Themed dinner (ethnic food; costumes; wild women; etc)
• Cookout for families
• Cocktails and appetizers
• Picnic in a park or at the beach
• Tea and play-reading
• A day at the zoo with a picnic
• Teach how to cook your favorite recipe and then serve it
• Folk singing and feasting
• A lesson - tennis, art, knitting, gardening, social media
• Poolside luau
• Board games and dessert
• Stress relief – light food, meditation, massage
• Watch a movie or sports event with snacks or dinner
• Cupcake baking and decorating
• Poker and barbecue
• Yoga, appetizers, and wine
• Poetry or play reading with refreshments
• Stitch ‘n bitch party
• Karaoke party

Think creatively, think fun, think fellowship!
Our goal is to have something for people of all ages, interests, and financial abilities.


The Great Stuff Silent Auction will take place in Founders Hall on Sunday, June 9 from 11:00 to 1:00 , after a single 10 AM service. Light food will be available.

Contact Rich MacDonald or Jill Ballard at auction@UUFSD.org if you have any questions.

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Weekend dates already scheduled (dates are not restricted, but you may want to consider choosing a date without multiple other offerings already scheduled)
Date Day AM/PM Scheduled
6/15 Sat AM
6/15 Sat PM
6/16 Sun Fathers Day
6/21 Fri PM
6/22 Sat AM
6/22 Sat PM
6/23 Sun PM L Shaffer Dinner
6/28 Fri PM
6/29 Sat AM
6/29 Sat PM Sing-along w/ Drew Massicot (4-5:30)
6/30 Sun PM
7/5 Fri PM
7/6 Sat Day
7/6 Sat PM
7/7 Sun PM M Penny- Morrocan Dinner
7/12 Fri PM
7/13 Sat AM
7/13 Sat PM D Gottdank/ N Hebert Cajun Dinner; Miss Saigon Tickets 2:00 PM
7/14 Sun PM
7/19 Fri PM
7/20 Sat AM
7/20 Sat PM
7/21 Sun PM
7/26 Fri PM
7/27 Sat AM
7/27 Sat PM G Brown- Campfire Singalong
7/28 Sun PM
8/2 Fri PM
8/3 Sat AM
8/3 Sat PM
8/4 Sun PM
8/9 Fri PM
8/10 Sat AM
8/10 Sat PM
8/11 Sun PM
8/16 Fri PM
8/17 Sat AM
8/17 Sat PM
8/18 Sun PM M Penny Italian Dinner
8/23 Fri PM
8/24 Sat AM
8/24 Sat PM
8/25 Sun PM Beach Party
8/30-9/2 Labor Day Weekend
8/30 Fri PM
8/31 Sat AM
8/31 Sat PM
9/1 Sun PM
9/6 Fri PM
9/7 Sat AM
9/7 Sat PM Schuller/Quick- Dinner & Poker
9/8 Sun PM B Gilpin -High Tea & Art 4:00 PM
9/13 Fri PM
9/14 Sat AM
9/14 Sat PM L Garrett- Mystery Dinner
9/14 Sat PM G Brown- Play reading & dessert
9/15 Sun day V Newman- Mindful Nutrition Class (12:30 PM)
9/15 Sun eve Walsh/Himelbrau- Irish Song & Stories (4PM)
9/20 Fri PM
9/21 Sat AM
9/21 Sat PM
9/22 Sun day V Newman- Mindful Nutrition Class (12:30 PM)
9/22 Sun eve
9/23 Fri PM
9/27 Sat AM
9/28 Sat PM D Gottdank/ N Hebert Pizza & SciFi Movie
10/4 Fri PM
10/5 Sat AM
10/5 Sat PM
10/6 Sun day V Newman- Mindful Nutrition Class (12:30 PM)
10/6 Sun eve
10/11 Fri PM
10/12 Sat AM
10/12 Sat PM
10/13 Sun day V Newman- Mindful Nutrition Class (12:30 PM)
10/13 Sun eve
10/18 Fri PM
10/19 Sat PM
10/20 Sun PM
10/25 Fri PM
10/26 Sat PM
10/27 Sun PM
11/1 Fri PM
11/2 Sat AM
11/2 Sat PM
11/3 Sun PM
11/8 Fri PM
11/9 Sat AM
11/9 Sat PM
11/10 Sun PM
11/15 Fri PM
11/16 Sat AM
11/16 Sat afternoon N Hebert baking class- Buche de Noel cake
11/16 Sat PM Peter Mayer Concert- First UU Church
11/17 Sun PM
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Number of Events *
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Location *
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I will help !
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