IECG Neighborhood Grows Arbor Day Grant for Schools
This application is for a collaborative grant opportunity offered by The Incredible Edible Community Garden, through the Neighborhood Grow Project funded by a CalFire grant.

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Required supporting documentation can be found here:

Name of School
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School address
Number, Street, and City
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School zip code
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Name of District
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Name of person completing application
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Email of person completing application
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Best phone number to reach you
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Position or title of person completing form
Grade levels at school site
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Where does your school community rate according to the CA EnviroScreen 2.0 database?
Look at this interactive map to find your school's neighborhood in order to answer the question:
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Amount of funding requested
This is a "cost-sharing" grant. The total amount requested will cover 90% of chosen projects while the remaining 10% is a required match for school sites to cover. The 10% can be satisfied with documented volunteer hours (4 hours would be equivalent to $100). This is a reimbursement grant.
Describe who will be part of this project
Briefly describe what stakeholders will take part in this project if funded. What students will be a part of the research, decision making, design, etc. of the project? What adults (from the school and neighborhood community) will be a part of the facilitation and volunteer work?
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Required documents
This folder has all supplemental forms and information that must be completed, scanned, and emailed in addition to submitting this online application:

--> Project Description
--> Budget Proposal
--> Signature Page

Folder also contains a General Information Guide that contains a checklist of requirements as well as some sample forms that would be required if funded (e.g. Volunteer Log).

Complete this online form & email all documents to with the subject: IECG Arbor Day Grant by February 15, 2017

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