Bluestockings Comics Fest 2020 Programming Application
Hey, thanks so much for considering Bluestockings Queer + Trans Comics Fest 2020 to run your panel/workshop! There are some key differences between how we're considering panel and workshop ideas, please keep the details below in mind as you're submitting your proposal:

* Workshops should be designed to share knowledge/resources within marginalized communities, and aimed towards a more interactive experience with participants. They will run for an hour with about 5-10 attendees. Workshop leaders should be expected to provide original materials/supplies to supplement the experience. As such, workshop leaders will receive a stipend for their labor.

*Panels are meant to facilitate compelling discussions with participating speakers and showcase their work or creative practice. Hosted in the Kickstarter auditorium, they should be tailored for a larger audience, with the space being able to seat 75 people at most. Panel organizers will not be receiving a stipend.

* Like with our vendors, we're especially looking to hear from queer and trans people of color, gender non-conforming folx, immigrants, low-income creators, disabled folx, intersex folx, Middle Eastern + Arab + North African creators, East + South Asian creators, indigenous creators and marginalized creators as a whole that are excluded for one reason or another from popular narratives.

Thanks so much! If you have any questions or concerns that we haven't covered, feel free to reach out to us at
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