Siri Lorece Booking Inquiry
Are you interested in reserving the Siri Lorece band for a music concert experience? If so, please fill out the Booking Inquiry form below.  A Booking Inquiry is not an event confirmation. Inquiries are responded to via email in the order they are received and are not considered "Reserved" until you have received an Invoice, reservation confirmation email, and submitted payment. All concerts are available for Los Angeles and Orange Counties. For ease and wellness, all concerts are preferred to be held outdoors unless agreed upon between the Siri Lorece Band and hosts.

General Event Information
  • Music concerts are approximately 60-90+ mins *with a band break as needed
  • Preferred guest capacity for private outdoor concerts is 20-100 guests
  • Private Event: For invited hosts guests, no additional tickets are required beyond booking fee
  • Open to Public Event: Hosts guests and Siri Lorece fans. "Open to Public" events offer limited quantity tickets available for purchase for Siri Lorece fans (non-host guests) in addition to the standard booking fee. Details for public events will be determined in your final event confirmation agreement
  • At this time we are not available for weddings 
  • Residential/Public Venue Concerts: Host is responsible for local city noise ordinances, HOA guidelines, guest parking, venue guidelines when applicable, and/or any additional permitting required for your event, as well as guests needs.
  • Host is responsible for providing necessary utilities needed for the duration of the music performance, as well as additional requirements for the band outlined in the final event confirmation agreement
  • The Siri Lorece band will provide all music equipment needed for the duration of the performance unless determined otherwise in your final event confirmation agreement
  • The Siri Lorece band is in an ally and in support of the Safe Spaces Alliance
  • For a detailed overview of the Siri Lorece band music concert experience, please fill out and submit the form below
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