"How can we make you stay?" - RAD Lending Visitor Feedback
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First of all, hello and welcome to RAD Lending!

Every opinion counts, especially for a newly launched project - and this statement is valid for RAD Lending as well. We kindly ask you to answer a few questions for us, since your opinion is important as a visitor. We pledge to treat your information with the utmost sense of privacy, so if you are not comfortable with answering any of the personal questions, please just select “Prefer not to say”.

We want to thank you in advance for giving us feedback about RAD Lending, and we'd like to honor your work with $30 USD worth RAD Tokens on your RAD Balance.

In order to claim your reward, you will have to go through our KYC process, since owning RAD tokens make you a share owner of RAD Lending Inc., a U.S. registered company, and as investor, you are protected by the laws and regulations of the land.

RAD Lending Team

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