Kingdom of the Sun Marching Band Festival
Greetings Directors,

After a COVID hiatus, North Marion High School is proud to announce the 2021 Kingdom of the Sun Marching Band Festival that will take place on Saturday, November 13, 2021 here at NMHS.

- This is a Prelims/Finals event and is sanctioned by the Florida Marching Band Coalition (FMBC).
- Our event will feature five different competitive classes according to total winds and percussion numbers (All percussion including front ensemble).
- Performance order will be based on the postmark of your entry fee in each class.
- There will be a Judges Critique Session between prelims and finals for directors/staff.
- Finals will include class winners and the next five highest scores totaling ten bands in Finals. Awards will be given for both Prelims and Finals.
- Prelims will be limited to the first 18-20 bands who submit this application and mail the $150 entrance fee. Judges will use the FMBC guidelines and we will have a qualified panel of approved adjudicators.
- Adjudicators are listed on our website at

PLEASE NOTE: Due to construction on campus, it is necessary to use a different personnel flow than previous years (2018 and prior). Rolling equipment and instruments must be dropped off in a large asphalt lot very near our stadium, and pushed into the stadium manually. This is a short and entirely paved pathway, but we will NOT be using trucks/trailers to haul equipment. (We will have a few small trailers on standby in the event of an equipment failure, flat tires, etc.) Please ensure you have enough "hands on deck" to move front ensemble equipment and props manually -- as always, we will provide a pit crew to assist as best as possible. We thank you for your flexibility in this matter.

Registration Deadline: Application along with $150 entry fee must be postmarked on or before Friday, October 22, 2021.

Please make your check payable and mail to: NMH Band Boosters, 151 W Hwy 329, Citra, FL 32113

Many thanks,

Aaron Janosa, Director

Phone: (352) 671-6015
Fax: (352) 671-6011
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