The Use of Online Teaching Tools
Education is evolving and students are learning in new ways, exploring, creating, and interacting with content through modern channels. This survey is aiming to map the new digital landscape, the challenges, the goals, and the tools of education professionals around the world. It consists of 25 questions and it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to finish.
1. How many years have you worked in education?
2. What is your role?
3. Do you work for a public or private institution?
4. What is the size of your school / institution?
5. Which country do you live in?
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6. What type of area are you located in?
7. What are the biggest obstacles to learning in your institution? (multiple answers)
8. What are your biggest digital learning challenges? (multiple answers)
9. What are your digital learning goals? (multiple answers)
10. What is your school's hardware structure?
11. What type of hardware is currently used in your institution? (multiple answers)
12. Do you use an LMS?
13. How often do you use your LMS?
14. How has your LMS impacted your teaching?
15. Emerging technology and trends used in the classroom (multiple answers):
16. What kind of digital tools does your institution provide to teachers? (multiple answers)
17. What kind of digital content do you use most? (multiple answers)
18. What digital citizenship topic are you most concerned with? (multiple answers)
19. What is your institution's policy on social media use?
20. Which of the following instructional approaches are used at your institution? (multiple answers)
21. How effective is your institution at supporting your teaching?
22. What kinds of professional development are provided at your institution? (multiple answers)
23. How wide is collaboration at your institution?
24. How does digital learning impact student achievement?
25. How effective are you at using digital tools for teaching?
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