Algoa MotorSport Club membership Application 2018
Welcome and thank you for taking a few moments to complete the required information to process your AMSC membership application for the calendar year ending 31 December 2018. Please ensure that you have read the membership terms and conditions before proceeding.
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To view the T&Cs please visit the club website at in the "Standing Documents" folder
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If you are not a South African Citizen please capture only your date of birth eg 19980731
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Member applications can only be processed if accompanied by the contact details of a parent or legal guardian.
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If you answered yes to being under 18 years of age please provide the contact details for your parent or legal guardian
Should this information not be supplied but is needed for verification your application will not be successful.
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Enter a valid 10 digit South African contact number. In the event of an emergency we recommend supplying an additional contact number e.g. 0825556666
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If you are applying for a family discounted membership, please supply the name and surname of the main member
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Supply us with a password that we can use to validate that this membership application was submitted by you.
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