NEM Volunteer Survey
This survey will help NEM core team to plan a marketing and ecosystem infrastructure.
What the level of interest you have with NEM ? On the scale from 1 to 10
1:no interest; 10:core team member's interest = working a lot of hours unpaid :)
How do you feel about volunteer vs paid work?
NEM is an open source project and most work has traditionally been done by volunteers.
What are some areas that you are good at?
examples: coding, making websites, design, testing, writing, contacting press, community building, swarming, demonstrations, giving talks, marketing, accounting, translating etc.
Your answer
Do you prefer working in groups or on solo projects.
Where are you from?
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What is your BTT username?
(This will be needed so the NEM team can contact you. If you don't provide it, we can't contact you.)
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Any additional way to contact you?
please tell us the platform like Slack. BTT, Skype etc.
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