3rd Grade Rounding to 100
*The questions in the "Show What You Know" section are inspired by the questions in the Khan Academy practice section.
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Watch these videos to review what you have learned about rounding.
Show What You Know!
Use scratch paper and that wonderful brain of yours to answer the questions below. Once you are done with the whole form click submit and "view your score". If you missed any figure out what you need to do differently (you can watch the video again!) and retake this section as many times as you need. If you retake your quiz you do not need to redo the other sections.
Yikes! Sandy the shark has 239 teeth. Round the number of teeth Sandy has to the nearest hundred. *
1 point
Which of the following numbers round to 60 if we are rounding to the nearest ten? Check all that apply. *
1 point
Round 543 to the nearest ten. *
1 point
Round 543 to the nearest hundred. *
1 point
Which number line highlights all whole numbers that round to 200 if we are rounding to the nearest hundred? *
1 point
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Share Your Thinking
In the question below explain your thinking in your own words.
Psst saying "I figured it out in my head" is NOT sharing your thinking!
What is 234 rounded to the nearest hundred? Explain in your own words how you got your answer.
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Apply Your Skills!
Use the numbers and the number line in the Google Drawing link below to apply what you have learned about rounding.
Paste a link to your drawing in the box below.
The animate GIF below shows you how to get a copy of the link to your drawing. Once the link is copied paste it below by clicking ctrl + v or command + v or by right clicking and selecting paste.
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