Annual Event Business Awards
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Volunteer of the Year
The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes one outstanding volunteer for their valuable and selfless commitment to innovation, dedication, contribution to the building of Chamber awareness, and enhancement of the efficiency of the Chamber.
Small Business of the Year
The award will recognizes small business in business 3 years of more, moving beyond short-term gain and orienting themselves to build resilience and the long-term viability of their business. These leaders rise above the rest and have substantiated success and leadership, increased sales, workforce and contributions to the community. These are the elite, the best of the best.
Business Excellence Award Outstanding Business of Year
This award will recognize an outstanding business that has demonstrated all around business success while maintaining commitment to the community and their workforce.
Community Spirit Award
Recognizes an organization that has made a remarkable difference in serving people or causes that matter in our community by showing exemplary community service efforts, through advocating, enabling, and empowering the underserved or underrepresented.
Ambassador of the Year
This award will be presented to a Ambassador that has greatly contributed to the good of the community through giving, volunteerism, and outreach with the Chamber.
Impact Company of the Year
The IMPACT Business of the Year recipients are businesses that have achieved remarkable results and accomplishments while moving their company and the local economy forward. The Business of the Year recipients also exemplify excellent corporate citizenship by giving back to the local community while possessing a corporate culture that enhances employees’ lives.
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