Roundtable: Security principles for an online voting system in UK elections.
WebRoots Democracy's Cratos Project is designing a framework to certify the accessibility, security, and user experience of online voting systems for use in UK elections. The project is being funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, an independent funder working to help people overcome disadvantage.

Our second roundtable will be taking place in Birmingham and will be focused on determining the security principles that should be met by an online voting platform.

Date: Tuesday 9th October 2018
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Location: TechHub London

If you wish to attend, please complete the short application form below. Due to limited space and desired subject expertise, we will be unable to accept all applications. We will only be accepting applications from academics, election officials, civil servants, and NGOs. For more information about the Cratos Project, contact Areeq Chowdhury at

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