Volunteer for NYC Dance Week 2019
Description of Each Volunteer Position
Studio Ambassador

Below are the tasks:
- Drop in during the festival to make sure things are running smoothly, greet students, take photos/videos to share on social media, and give away prizes.
- Interact with students taking free classes, get feedback and ask to post on social media.

Event Planning Ambassador
The Event Planning Ambassador is responsible for providing aid with our events, i.e. kick-off celebration. Below are the tasks.
- Coordinate gift bag items
- Set-up photo and sign-up area
- Get mailing list sign-up
- Clean-up our section

Marketing Ambassador
The Marketing Ambassador is responsible for promoting the festival and gaining new audience. Below are the tasks.
- Pass out flyers at events or high foot traffic areas.
- Post posters/decal at local businesses.
- Pick-up promotional items from our sponsors and partners.
- Drop off marketing materials at studios.

Sponsorship Ambassador
The Sponsorship Ambassador is responsible for creating partnership with local businesses in sponsoring the festival money or products as giveaways or raffle prizes. The ambassador is requested to take part in the following tasks.
- Research local businesses, especially near participating studios.
- Make phone calls and follow-up calls to potential sponsors.
- Schedule pick-up & drop-off of products and marketing materials.

The Videographer is responsible for recording dance class, interview or event videos before and during the festival. Must have equipment. Flexible scheduling. Will be credited on video, website and social media.

Video Editor
The video editor is responsible for editing short videos for the festival to be released in March, May and June. Must have editing tools. Will be credited on video, website and social media.

The Photographer is responsible for capturing dance classes and/or events before and during the festival. Must have equipment. Flexible scheduling. Will be credited on the website and social media.

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