Mailing List Extravaganza
PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation when the giveaway goes live NOT after you pay. Please use your transaction number as confirmation of your payment. Also you will be required to send an email to your mailing list to promote the giveaway. If you have any questions or issues, please email Thank you.
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We are offering two lists: Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance. The pricing is $50 for each list. Which list(s) would you like to be featured on?
By clicking "I Understand", you agree to send payment through PayPal to (Note: Please note when sending payment that it's for the Mailing List Extravaganza) of $50 (for one list) or $100 (for two lists). You understand and agree that you will only be featured for this month, and that you cannot resubmit to us for 60 days for either list. *
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