Scholarship Application
Winter Dance Session: Jan. 7- Feb. 1, 2019
Current Rhythms: 301 Railroad Row, Cordova AK 99574
Contact us at (907)424-3632 or

We are happy to offer dance scholarships to all families who otherwise would not be able to participate in our dance programs due to financial reasons. All applications must be completed in full before the student(s) can attend classes. If the student attends classes before application is completed and approved, the family will be responsible to pay full tuition. In order to spread the love, we award scholarships for dancers to attend 1 class per session. All additional classes must be covered by the family.

Scholarships do not cover recital fees, costume fees, props and other merchandise needed and are to be paid by parents.

Application MUST BE COMPLETED by January 7, 2019


Students must have taken classes in dance for at least 1 year.

Students must have a good attendance record, promise and dedication.

Student’s family must have a financial need.

Students who have outstanding balances may be ineligible for scholarships.

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