Community Literacy is a free and very popular group ESL Tutoring program for adult immigrants and refugees. All tutoring is done in English and tutors work in weekly 2-hour classes with their assigned student for one semester. No experience needed: training and lesson plans are provided, and an ESL instructor is available every class to offer you and your student support as needed. Apply early, as spots can fill up fast! You can apply for any semester listed below; if it ends up that all tutor spots are full for the session(s) you're applying, you can be added to the waitlist, to replace an active tutor if s/he needs to withdraw from the program.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN AN ACTIVE TUTOR in this program within the last two years, there is no need to reapply and attend training again. Just contact the program coordinator, Molly Schneider, who is your staff supervisor (who trained you).

NEW APPLICANTS: Completing an application does not guarantee you a spot in our program; your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted within a few days. If you do not hear from us after a week, please contact our Director of Volunteer Services, Ms. Shawn Steen, via or (608) 244-3911 ext. 55

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For which weekly sessions are you available? (You are assigned only one.) Remember, you must attend EVERY WEEK (no more than 2 absences) during the entire semester. If you are applying for a semester/session with unavailable tutor spots, you will be added to our tutor wait list. *
Review your calendar and verify you are able to attend class EVERY WEEK, with no more than 2 absences. (There are no alternative or make-up sessions.) *
Tutors are required to have daily access to email and answer our emails promptly (within a couple days, at the latest). Are you able to respond promptly to emails from staff? *
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Do you anticipate your work/school schedule changing? Our students benefit greatly from tutors that meet with them every week for the ENTIRE semester. Please take a few minutes to assess your schedule and MAKE SURE you are able to commit for the ENTIRE semester. *
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