IAPR Spring 2021 Survey
Please take this 3-minute survey to share with IAPR ExCo your views concerning IAPR activities.
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What best describes your professional status? *
How many IAPR-affiliated conferences have you attended since 2017? (For a listing, see https://iapr.org/conferences/)
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How many IAPR conferences do you expect to attend from now until 2025 (whether in-person or virtually)?
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Given the uncertainty with COVID-19, what conditions would you need to have satisfied before you would feel comfortable attending IAPR conferences in-person again?
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Assuming all of your safety criteria have been met, so that COVID-19 is no longer a concern to you, and given a choice between attending an upcoming IAPR conference live in-person or virtually, would you prefer:
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By now, it is likely you have had some experience attending virtual conferences. In your experience:
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What do you see as the major benefits of conferences with a virtual participation option, even when it is possible to attend in-person (check all that apply)?
What do you see as the major disadvantages of attending virtual-only conferences (check all that apply)?
IAPR Goals
IAPR plans to increase membership and member involvement, and broaden participation from around the world, especially in locations where IAPR currently does not have a significant presence.
What efforts do you believe would be most useful to achieve the above (check all that apply)?
If you have any other suggestions, please let us know below.
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