Bad Headshots, Good Headshots -- 2019 Edition! :)
Thank you for applying to join us in the reboot of one of Bonnie Gillespie's most POPULAR advice columns for actors... the one in which we showcase good *and* BAD headshots. We're excited to update this piece... with your help!
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Share any thoughts you have about what makes the difference (for YOU) in whether a headshot is "good" or "bad". Anything from the composition/lighting/pose to your mindset/brand awareness/targeting... it's all fair game! (Be sure to note if anything you share is OFF THE RECORD and we'll keep your comments anonymous.)
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Thank you soooooo much for being a part of our Self-Management for Actors community!
We really appreciate your participation. :) We'll be doing a drawing for a free coaching call with Bonnie Gillespie, so GOOD LUCK and, again, thanks!
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