'Awaken To The Self', Orgiva, Granada, Spain

Mountain Retreat "Awaken to the Self ” Orgiva , Granada, Spain  

Saturday 28th October to Thursday 2nd November 2017

This is an invitation to join Paul for a 6 day retreat of Satsang, meditation, silence and self inquiry in the heart of Andulucia. The purpose of this retreat is to be still and look inwards to discover your own true nature. This retreat offers the potentiality to come to complete clarity of who you are beyond the mind made identity. It is a direct invitation to come to rest as the timeless, limitless and ever present Self and overcome any doubts that stand in the way of this. 

As well as two daily satsangs (meetings in truth), guided meditations and inquiries, there will be plenty of time to rest and walk in nature, enjoy daily yoga, dance and movement practices, swim in the indoor pool and use the sauna.

The retreat is fully residential and fully catered, there are 35 places available, this is the third year we have had a retreat here and all past retreats have been full.

Arrival and Departure

When you have registered you are welcome to arrive on Saturday 28th October in the afternoon anytime between 3 and 5pm to settle in. We will have an orientation meeting at 5.30pm followed by dinner at 7pm.

The retreat ends after lunch on Thursday 2nd November at 2pm. 


This retreat is being held in Southern Spain in the Alpujarra mountains in a very beautiful and secluded retreat centre near the villages of Orgiva and Canar. A perfect location for a retreat of this nature. For photos, videos and details of the venue see www.hiddenparadise.org  

The retreat centre is located an hour and a half from Malaga airport and 45 minutes from Granada airport. There are buses, taxis and rent a car options from both these airport. Please check transport schedules well in advance and contact the retreat centre directly with any questions about transport. There is also a facebook group where you can organise lift shares with other people joining the retreat.

About Paul 

Paul spent 12 years as a practicing Buddhist until 2002 when in the midst of deep suffering he had a profound awakening from mind identity to presence. This experience profoundly changed his life and led him to leave his job as a school teacher to spend long periods of time in Tiru, South India.

Tiru was where he met his teacher Sri Mooji who introduced him to the self inquiry teachings popularised by the great sage Ramana Maharshi. It was during this time he recognised the ever present nature of the Self.

Since 2011 Paul has been holding meetings and retreats with small groups of people mostly in Spain, Uk and Sweden. His approach is simple, natural, and spontaneous, combining the deep embodiment of presence with a direct and clear approach to spiritual awakening and the human conditioning.  


This is a fully residential retreat with a variety of different accommodation which will be allocated to you upon arrival. If you have any specific requests regarding accommodation please contact the retreat centre directly here info@hiddenparadise.org

There will be 3 delicious organic vegetarian meals served every day plus fruit and teas available throughout the day. If you have any special dietary needs please let us know in the booking form. 

Other information 

Please bring a torch and if possible eco bathroom products for showering as the grey water goes on the land.
The weather can be beautiful in Spain at this time of year and it can also be cold at night so bring clothing to suit. There will be the option of a walk in stillness in the afternoons so please bring some comfortable walking shoes if you wish to join.

Typical day on a retreat

This is an example of a day on a residential retreat with Paul, the times in between the meetings are in silence. Everything is optional so you may come to as much or as little as you like. The focus is always on self inquiry, silence and being together in Presence. 

This schedule may change day by day according to the needs of each group. Satsang is the main focus but a day may also include other activities like dance, walks, yoga and singing.

7.30 Yoga/meditation
8.45 Breakfast
10.00 Morning meeting
13.00 Lunch and deep rest
15.30 Afternoon meeting
18.00 Dinner
19.30 Evening meeting

The cost of this retreat is 250 pounds plus 250 euro payable in two parts;
Firstly a £250 pounds deposit to secure your place on the retreat
plus 250 euros in cash to pay directly to hidden paradise on arrival.

How to book 
To reserve your place on this retreat you should complete the booking form below and make a non refundable deposit of £250. You can then pay the outstanding amount in cash directly to Hidden Paradise when you arrive at the retreat centre on Saturday 28th October of 250 Euros.

​If paying your 250 pounds deposit from outside the UK please use this Transferwise link  
https://transferwise.com/pay#/3926d1a2-181a-4d44-9924-f76c7b80dbf0 and reference your name

If paying your 250 pounds deposit from inside the UK pay directly to this account; P Hurcomb Llyods Bank 
sort code- 309286 
account number- 45985760 

**Please make your full name clear on the bank payment and reference "Orgiva Retreat"

Once you have filled in the booking form you will receive confirmation, your place is only fully confirmed if you have paid your deposit.

 Terms and conditions 

Cancellation policy for this retreat
£250 Deposit- Non returnable

I understand that I am registering for a self inquiry meditation retreat that may activate a physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction. I understand that I accept to take full responsibility for assessing the risk any activity poses to me. I will choose a safe course of action for myself. Furthermore, I understand that Paul Hurcomb, all assistants and helpers, and the staff of the venue, are not responsible for any personal injury, diseases, damage or loss of personal property at the retreat premises. I confirm I am in good health and have no mental illness that may cause harm to others.

Email the retreat centre info@hiddenparadise.org for any queries about accommodation, food etc

For transport from the airport jacquierose555@gmail.com

There is also a facebook event where you can arrange to travel together https://www.facebook.com/events/836071669889447/

Finally complete the booking form below, send your payment, and we look forward to seeing you in Spain.

"Every time we meet together as Presence something beautiful takes place. The weight of personal patterns and egoic conditioning are replaced by the pure being self, and we are once again confirmed within our own silence. To be in the company of Presence is to be reminded of our own innocence, our own purity, our own naturalness, our own inner beauty.
To rest inside that energetic energy field is the gift of Satsang"

Paul Hurcomb

Group from last years Retreat at Hidden Paradise
Meditation and Satsang room at Hidden Paradise
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