You have to do this for a full and beautiful beard
You are crazy about it or not at all: the beard. For one person it is a habit to use the razor every day, the other is really proud of his beard and devotes love and attention to it. For the latter, the beard is more than an addition to the appearance. It is a statement, an expression of personality and without the beard he feels naked. In short, the beard is more than a tuft of hair on the man's face. This is how you breed and care for him at his best.

Growing a full beard takes time

The beauty of the beard is that you seem to have little effort, it grows automatically. But appearances are deceiving. A well-cultivated beard has added value, but requires attention and love. If you have a beard that you do not accurately update, it will soon turn into the symbol of carelessness. Yet you must first allow your facial hair to grow, before you can shape it into a dignified beard.


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Beard Growth
Waiting until the moment that your beard has the right length can be a real torture. You have to be patient, that is the beard rule number one. Before you can maintain and style it, you must first have something to work with. If you want to speed up the process, you can always use creams or oils that stimulate beard growth.

The holy grail of the beard: oil
What is most helpful in your efforts to tame a wild beard is oil. What does beard oil do? Combined with daily combing, beard oil on your beard can help you smooth it, soften it and get all those disobedient hairs in place. You can also use a special beard brush if you think that a comb is inefficient in your case. With a constant use of beard oil, as well as regular washing and polishing, you will be able to form the beard the way you want it.

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Be consistent
The regular trimming of the beard is necessary to get the right length. Not every beard hair will grow just as quickly and an uneven beard is not desirable, because it stands out immediately. Therefore, make sure you know which model you wish to realize in the end. This ensures that your beard becomes one with the rest of your face, a beard has to compliment the rest.

Get used to your daily routine

Good habits get used easily. If you have never left your beard before, it can be difficult to maintain the daily routine of beard care. Still, it pays to give yourself a kick every now and then, because after all it is about your appearance and thus about your appearance and presentation.

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Regular washing is a prerequisite
A beard adds a few new items to the hygiene routine. Given that a beard collects food particles and that the growth of the beard hair disturbs the skin, you should wash it regularly. If that is not the case, sooner or later you will have to deal with very unpleasant sensations and serious problems with tangling. The purchase of a good, soft shampoo is therefore essential. It is also necessary that you choose a soft shampoo, such as Ultra Soft Elite Beard Shampoo. Because it is completely organic, you will not have to deal with unwanted skin irritation. It also contains soothing ingredients so that you are better able to model and keep your beard in shape.

Use a good quality trimmer

Cutting your beard with the loose hand and a good pair of scissors is no sinecure. It requires experience and a steady hand. A good trimmer is therefore not a luxury. When purchasing, make sure that there are sufficient accessories. Good comb comics are therefore indispensable. When you use the trimmer for the first time, set it to the highest position (if the length of your beard allows it). With the help of a good comb it is then relatively easy to trim the beard to the right length. It is best to cut the mustache by hand. Make sure to use a handy pair of scissors that are not too big and comfortable to hold.

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