Solstice Gathering 2017 Crew Application
Greetings! Solstice Gathering 2017 is approaching fast. This year's Crew needs are coming into focus so it is time to put out the call and ask whether YOU are eager and ready to step up and join a Solstice Crew! Every area of the event is coordinated by experienced members, who require dedicated Crew to support them and help direct and support members on their volunteer shifts. Crew tasks range from coaxing the forest from its rough, untended state, to building, maintaining and running each area of the Gathering, right until it's time pack it all up and give a big "Thank you!" to the land by sweeping it clean so that we Leave No Trace!

If you're available before or after the Gathering, please consider checking the box to apply for Long Crew! It is distinct commitment, it's members must be prepared for hard work, a minimum of facilities, and both flexibility to assist on any task and the dedication to keep at it until it's done!

After you've filled out this form, you may be contacted with some follow up questions so please be available. Please only apply ONCE, and then be patient while we process the applications and select crew members.

Please note, if you have spoken to a coordinator already about returning to crew this year, please CONTACT THEM to make sure you're registered! And keep in mind that we won't place any applicants on more than ONE crew each year.

For descriptions of each area see

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Full name *
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Phone number, and any extra contact info details *
Any restrictions, like times not to call, known times of unavailability, or alternate contact methods.
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Home location *
Primarily used for planning ride sharing if necessary, so please let us know about as precisely as what neighborhood in what city you hail from, and will be returning to afterwards.
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Check this box if you have a valid driver's license.
Do you need a ride to the land?
We will try to help of course, especially if you're helping early or late. And if you're a driver, having a car you are willing to drive for either crew transport or the odd emergency town run can be a great help.
If you have a vehicle, approximately how many people, with gear, could you offer to bring? *
Total number of passengers NOT including you, approximating amount of gear. If you have no vehicle or cannot offer space to share, choose 0. Gas costs can be reimbursed if asked to help with crew transport.
Cannot provide any
I'm a bus!
When will you be available?
Regular crew shifts begin on June 19th. Long Crew starts around Tuesday June 13th. Please note that only Long Crew will be allowed on the land before the 19th except for specific teams prearranged by coordinators.
When will you need to leave?
Regular crew duties continue until June 25th. Tear-down will (hopefully) be finishing up by July 2nd, 2017. All Crew are expected to leave the land by tear-down like any other members, unless specifically tasked to stay and assist by a coordinator.
How much time could you volunteer during the Gathering? *
Is there anything that may conflict with any Crew duties you may be assigned? Projects, existing responsibilities, off-site excursions, or previous commitments?
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Choose a preferred weekend day to work. *
Are you available and interested to join Long Crew?
This Crew requires committed individuals ready for physical commitment and availability to help during the early setup from June 12th to the 19th, and ideally, willingness to provide support during the Gathering, AND keep going all the way through until tear-down, to experience the wonders of forest grooming, tarp drying, and garbage sorting, right through the end of June. If you think this sounds like a great time, then you're definitely Long Crew material.
Which crew(s) would you like to join?
Asking to be on many crews may result in more crews considering your name, but area coordinators may be looking for people passionate in their area, so select many or few at your discretion. Feel free to apply to both Long Crew and other Crews but if you are accepted please be prepared to fully accept the responsibilities of the role you accept, as the Gathering relies on everybody doing their part!
Previous crew experience? *
Describe your Solstice Crew experience. Which crews have you worked with in the past?
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Skills and Abilities *
Please estimate your ability in the following areas from 0 (no experience) to 7 (expert, leader, could do this all day). These are just to get a general sense of what you are confident taking on without support or direction, and responses will by no means create any expectations. If you don't want to answer any question, please choose 0.
Carpentry: design, build, fix, renovate
Carry, move equipment and materials
Digging, clearing: land work by hand.
Dome, tent, tarps: Up, down, dry, pack!
Tree felling, chainsaw, clearing bush
Work in commercial level cooking
Clean, sanitize, prep kitchen gear
Constant Coffee Creation!
Arrange, sort, manage equipment use
Rigging: heavy lines, knots, gear care
Leadership, team and task focus
Electrical wiring, safety, support
Art, deco: design, create, set up!
Rain and cold preparedness, gear
Administration, records, spreadsheets
Please check off if you have any of the following
Anything else?
The Solstice Gathering is built and run entirely by its members, who donate their time, skills and resources. Please mention anything you can do, or be more specific about something you specialize in or have training or certification in. Also, any resources or special access you could contribute to save on necessary work or costs so we can focus resources on creating! EXAMPLES: small engine mechanic; have an extra off-road vehicle or other work-saving equipment to share; have access to deals on firewood/ hay bales in rural Ontario; know sign language; or just tell us you're as excited as we are to be there! Also, if you've selected multiple crews, this is where you can tell us which one you'd PREFER.
Your answer
That's it for now! Thanks!
Shortly after you've submitted this application, please check the e-mail account you entered above. You should receive a message that confirms that we've received the application. If not, contact us at to confirm we received it. We may contact you for more details, and we will be sure to let you know when our crews are almost full, so if you haven't heard from us yet, we're still working on it! Thanks!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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