Flood-CBA#2 Knowledge Toolkit & Case Studies Questionnaire
This questionnaire is part of the European Project FLOOD-CBA#2 “Integrating CBA in the Development of Standards for Flood Protection & Safety”. The aim of the questionnaire is to evaluate and fine-tune the FLOOD-CBA#2 products, specially the Knowledge Toolkit and the case studies.

The stakeholders’ views and feedback on the outcome of this project is very important to evaluate our products and will be of great value for further improvement of the developed tools.

0. Please, specify your location *
1. Define your institution: *
2. At which level does your institution work for the development of Standards for Flood Protection & Safety?
3. How did you get to know about the Flood-CBA#2 project? *
4. How often do you think you are going to use the Flood-CBA#2 Knowledge Toolkit? *
5. Please indicate level of agreement/disagreement in relation to the Flood-CBA#2 Knowledge Toolkit: *
1 (Totally disagree)
5 (Totally agree)
Navigation: it is easy to handle the different pages.
Navigation: The structure is clear.
Speed: The pages load fast
Accuracy: The Knowledge Toolkit is properly maintained and the contents are always up-to-date.
Design: The interface is useful and easy to use.
Contents: Thanks to the Knowledge Toolkit, I was well informed on the integration of CBA in the Development of Standards for Flood Protection and Safety.
6. What is your overall rating of the Flood-CBA#2 Knowledge Toolkit? *
7. Which section(s) of the Flood-CBA#2 Knowledge Toolkit do you consider more useful? *
8. What would be your purpose(s) for visiting the Flood-CBA#2 Knowledge Toolkit?
9. Of the following aspects how much do you consider that the Case Studies will contribute building the capacity of your institution regarding the integration of CBA in the Development of Standards for Flood Protection & Safety? *
1 (It did not contribute at all)
5 (It highly increased the capacity-building)
Awareness of Flood Risk Management.
Awareness of methods used in Flood Risk Management.
Better criteria when deciding on the choice of Flood Protection Options and Standards.
Availability of necessary data and techniques for decision-making.
Capacity to deal with controversial issues (as lack of data, responsibility conflicts, etc.).
10. Would you like to share any comment, opinion or suggestion with us?
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