Seattle Learning Garden Network Presenter Suggestions
SLGN is seeking presenters and tablers for the 2020 Winter Workshop on March 7 at Jane Addams Middle School. We're requesting your input about what and who you'd like to hear/learn about.

The event's purpose is to bring together teachers, garden educators and coordinators, ​parents and families, and community members that educate in and tend outdoor ​learning spaces across the Puget Sound. The Winter Workshop offers an opportunity for participants to learn, share, network, improve their practices to support sustainable outdoor classroom program development. These outdoor learning spaces on or off schoolyards might include stormwater gardens, urban forests/trees, permaculture and restoration spaces, wetlands, pollinator and native gardens, and, of course, food gardens.
What do you want to learn about at this Winter Workshop?
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Are there people or organizations you think we should reach out to for presentations or tabling? Please share as much information as you can (names, orgs, emails) and their focus.
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