VESA Red Bull Gold & Under
This is the signup form for the Gold & Under League tournament online. More information can be found on the VESA Discord Server. This tournament will be run on the OCE Server via custom games.

Prize pool for the winning teams will be 5,000 RP supplied by Riot Games & a ton of Red Bull cans. The structure for the tournament is single Round Robin starting 12pm Sunday 4th August, and the top 2 teams from the group stage will play against each other in a BO3 finals. The games will be streamed with a 3 minute delay.

If you would like to sign up a team to play, please contact DenkoSekka#7866 directly ASAP to lock in your team with payment and role confirmation.

The accounts CAN NOT have been above Platinum 5 in any ranked queue in Season 9 or any previous Seasons. The only exception is if the account peaked, and ended in Platinum 5 in Season 8.

What is your OCE Summoner ID? *
This is to check that the account follows the restrictions for the Gold & Under tournament.
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What is your Discord username? *
Please include the full name, hashtag and the numbers that follow, for example: DenkoSekka#7866. We ask this to make contacting the players easy.
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What is your preferred role? *
As soon as 4 players from each role have signed, the role will be removed from available roles to vote for. Middle & Support have been removed (9/7/2019).
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