Tarheel Forensic League Application for Tournament Sanctioning

This form is to apply to have your tournament officially sanctioned through the Tarheel Forensic League.  Becoming a sanctioned tournament allows your tournament to award bids to the Tarheel Forensic League State Championship Tournament.  Sanctioning is limited to schools in North Carolina that are members in good standing of the Tarheel Forensic League or are affiliate member institutions as allowed in the TFL Constitution.  Any changes to your responses after the submission of this form should be made to the TFL Chair in advance of the tournament.  

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School *
Name of the school hosting a tournament.
Tournament Name *
Please list the name of your tournament.
Tournament Date *
Please list the date of your tournament.  If your tournament lasts more than one day, please list the start date.
Contact *
This is the coach or official contact at the school regarding the tournament.
Tournament Manager *
Please list the person responsible for overall tabroom management.  It does not necessarily have to be the coach or someone at the school, but it can be.  This person should have full administrative access to all tabbing and registration portions of your registration website and tabbing software.
Administrative Access *
Please list at least one person unaffiliated with your school who will have administrative access to your tabulation software.  Per TFL rules, it is mandatory for at least one person unaffiliated with the host school to have administrative access to all tabbing portions of the software.  If more than one person will have administrative access to ALL tab portions of your software, please list the additional names.
Debate Tab *
Please list your debate tab staff.
Speech Tab *
Please list your speech tab staff.
CongressTab *
Please list your Congress tab staff.
Extemp Prep *
Please list your Extemp Prep staff.
Ballot Table *
Please list your ballot table staff, if applicable.  If you will not be using a ballot table due to online ballots, please enter N/A.
Additional tab staff
Please list the names of any additional tab staff you will be using and their positions.
Host school entry *
Will you allow students from your own school to enter your tournament?  Note:  TFL does not prohibit hosts from allowing students from their school to enter if the decision is made and disclosed in advance.  Any change in your intention should be reported to the TFL Chair in advance of your tournament in order for host school students to be eligible for bids.  Host school students may be denied bids if the coach does not disclose plans to enter their own students in advance of the tournament.
Tournament Schedule *
Please list your tournament schedule or post a link to where it is publicly posted.
Tiebreaking Procedures *
Please list your providing procedures for Speech, Debate, and Congress or provide a link to where the procedures are posted.
Tab Software *
Please select the software package you are using for tabulation.  TFL rules require one of these three options.
Tournament Rules *
Please post a link to where all tournament rules are publicly posted online.
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