International Young Bodhisattva Program
Established by the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) in conjunction with Buddhist Hongshi College, the International Young Bodhisattva Program (YBP) aims to develop young people’s confidence, capacity, and commitment for social and spiritual transformation. It is an exposure program for youth to learn about social engagement—centered on values of lovingkindness and compassion—in Asia, particularly in the context of Taiwan.

Whether you were born in a Buddhist family, came to Buddhism on your own, or do not identify as a Buddhist at all, this program is designed to strengthen your understanding of the roots of “dukkha” or “suffering’ in our modern societies, as well as potential ways to address them.

The content is based on a three-mode learning process involving intellectual, spiritual and physical practice. Sessions will include panels, discussions, community building activities, meditation practice, as well site visits to understand opportunities and challenges for social engagement in Taiwan, and the role played by Buddhists and other activists.

Participants will learn from teachings of the Buddha Dharma’s Four Noble Truths to develop an analysis of societal structures and institutional sources of power and use various tools to critically examine and investigate conditions in their lives and communities. Participants will also build connections and a network of "kalyanamitta" comprised of other youth and elders, teachers, and resource people—from across Asia and other parts of the world.

Participants will also visit civil society organizations, government agencies, and Buddhist institutions in Taiwan. These exposures are intended to offer examples of pioneering work on the environment, gender and sexuality, democracy and free speech, and chaplaincy and palliative care on the island.

Finally, participants will be asked to conduct mapping exercises on social engagement in their countries and create action plans to consider what contributions they can bring home and how they can foster future leadership in their communities.
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18-31 May 2020 at Buddhist Hongshi College, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Total Cost (including learning content, room & board): USD 500
Selected participants are responsible for the costs of own airfare and visa fees.
Application Deadline: 31 January 2020
Applicants should:
- Possess strong English language capacity
- Be 18-40 years of age
- Demonstrate interest in Buddhism, spirituality, personal & societal transformation, social
engagement & change
Application should ONLY be completed by the applicant him/herself (no other person).
1. Please introduce yourself with a short biography including personal/work/study interests & your relationship to spirituality, inner & social transformation, & societal engagement. (max 1000 characters) *
2. What are your biggest hopes and concerns about society today? How would you like to make a difference? (max 1000 characters) *
3. What does Buddhism look like in your country? What are some examples of inspiring social engagement in your country? (max 1000 characters) *
4. Why are you applying to this program? What would you like to achieve? (max 1000 characters) *
5. Describe your English language ability as well as your prior experiences using English. In addition, please rate the following abilities on a level of 1-10: A) Speaking B) Hearing/Understanding C) Reading & Writing. (max 1000 characters) *
6. Do you need to apply for a scholarship? If so, please explain your financial situation and how much you would like to apply for. (max 1000 characters) *
7. Have you attended any other INEB and/or Hongshi College conferences, programs, or events? If so, please list. (max 1000 characters) *
8. Any other questions and/or comments? (max 1000 characters) *
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Requirements for Selected Participants:
1) BEFORE THE PROGRAM: Study the advance reading packet.
2) DURING THE PROGRAM: Attend all activities. Prepare a short presentation on your background AND a short introduction to engaged Buddhism in your country.
3) AFTER THE PROGRAM: Write and submit two-page paper with: A) Reflections on the program and B) Your action plan. Paper is due within 1 month after completing the program.
• 31 January 2020: Application deadline
• 20 February: Selected participants are notified
• 20 Feb-15 March: Applicants purchase air tickets and apply for visas
• 18 May: Program begins (participants should plan to arrive before 4pm)
• 31 May: Program ends (participants should plan to depart after 12pm)
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